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Siddur Abodat Haleb | No Translation

Siddur Abodat Haleb | No Translation

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Gorgeous Syrian Siddur for all days with Tehillim, Selihot, Kapparot, Hoshanot, Hakafot, Megillat Esther, and everything else (view full details for table of contents). Timetables for Brooklyn and Deal. All in a beautiful, compact volume, with top quality opaque paper and reinforced binding.


  • Thin and opaque paper with reinforced binding.
  • Detailed instructions and laws, all on the page of the prayers. 
  • The English is interspersed with commentaries in a lighter font.
  • Both Siddurim have the same page numbering for easy reference.
  • Perfect for Vacations and Business Trips.

Includes Everything
(except the High Holidays)

Partial List:

  • The Entire Sefer Tehillim
  • 60 Pizmonim
  • Torah Reading and Haftarot for Holidays
  • Selihot for Elul
  • Kapparot
  • Hoshanot for Sukkot
  • Hakafot
  • Birkat Ilanot
  • Megillat Esther
  • Tikkun HaTal and Tikkun HaGeshem
  • Preface to Azharot
  • Timetables for Brooklyn and Deal
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